Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Well that was just a large bummer

Hey guys and gals.....wanna know how many trick or treaters we had last night? ZERO! Yet again I apparently live in a neighborhood where trick or treaters just don't, well, just don't trick or treat. Now we are stuck with all of that candy. That wonderful candy that I can't seem to get enough of. Actually I brought some to work w/me yesterday and quickly learned that I have no control when there are Reese's cups at my fingertips. I grabbed them, threw them in my purse and emptied them into the lonely Halloween candy bowl at home. Now the trick will be to stay away from the living room where the evil candy is lurking, crying softly to me "eat me......I am sooooo good.......it's ok, no calories if no one sees you eat it" and all of those lies that good candy does.

I finally broke down and ordered internet at home. It will be installed tomorrow and I just couldn't be happier! I have really missed it. I actually lasted longer than I thought I would not having it! But I got a pretty good 2 yr deal so I am a happy camper.

Next will be the new furniture which should be delivered this week. I can't wait for that. The den is fully furnished but I am longing for the chair and a half along with the large ottoman that comes with it. My girls will be able to be in my lap at the same time w/o stepping all over me and each other!! Not to mention we all need to get out of our respective rooms and be a family, at least for a while! Since we all have such different tastes in television programs I'm sure I will be in there alone quite a bit (except for my girls) but that's ok. I will still enjoy my Archie Bunker recliner in my bedroom too! It is so old and ugly but it is soooooooo comfortable! It fits me like a glove so it is here to stay, that's for sure.

We have had some really decent weather here this week. It is supposed to turn fairly cold toward the latter part of the week but meanwhile I have tried to enjoy as much time outside with my girls as possible. They just love running and playing in the backyard. Nothing warms me more than to see my babies having fun like they used to when we lived in the country. That darned neighbor cat still comes around but I think that he has learned he had best stay outside of the fence unless he wants to be treed again. I am sure that he could take care of himself even if both girls were out there but I would feel so bad if something were to happen to him because of my dogs. But cat claws usually win in the long run!

Work continues to be busy busy busy. Home life is good. I am happy to be divorced, as hard as it has all been, but it is for the best. He can go his way and I will go mine. He texted me from a "gentleman's club" the other night wanting to buy me a drink. I think he was kidding (how tacky huh) but who knows. Actually, who cares? Not me! He is free to do whatever he wants. We still have a couple of issues to work out. He has not returned my father's pistol claiming that he sold it. Not a good thing. I can only hope that he was not telling the truth because I really don't want to get nasty with this. But right is right and I refuse to be walked on or taken advantage of by him or anyone else for that matter.

Well, enough of that kind of talk. Time to get back to work so yall take care and drop by and say howdy once in a while!

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