Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Monday

It always comes doesn't it? I was so busy at work the day flew by. That is always nice when that happens. Stephanie made some delicious stir-fry for dinner. She is really becoming quite a good cook. Of course anything I don't have to make is just fine by me.

I love living so close to work. My fuel bill loves it even better! We live in a nice neighborhood, nothing fancy mind you but I like it. The house is laid out well and I am grateful to have found it.

Since the backyard has been fenced the girls have had a ball! That makes me happy. I am going to have to take my Sophie to the vet soon. Her back leg is getting worse & the meds aren't helping like they first did. She gets her exercise daily but not all of that running like at the other house. Speaking of the other house I don't miss it anymore. I am so proud to have MY house that I own. I don't have to deal with anyone else & what they want. Plus my house stays clean, unlike the other house. My X rarely cleaned. He was too busy lying on his bed & watching tv. But no worries about that anymore. It is quite a relief. It sure did get old to work all day long just to come home to a dirty house.

I am anxious to go to my appt. at Pain Mgmt soon. I hope they can give me shots for this ruptured disk in my back. Then I won't be able to feel the pain for a few weeks or months. I am tired of taking pain meds, especially when I work full time. They cloud my thinking and I don't like that. Wish me luck!

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