Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Peace and Serenity is all I want

But I can't seem to get it until I completely rid myself of my former husband. He has texted me from a strip club offering to buy me a drink, told no telling how many lies to my stepdaughters so that I am sure that I will never see my Abby and Leah again, much less the Ohio grandkids. All I can do is feel sorry for him. He is one of those people that want other people to be as miserable as he is.

It saddens me so much to know that I won't be able to see my Abby and Leah grow up. I love them so much. But one thing I do know is that no one can take away the memories I have of them, especially my Abby. We were so close for so long. I miss her every day and was just starting to get to know Leah when all of this happened. But life goes on and I can't control other's actions. I just hope and pray that someday I can see my grandkids again. God's will be done.

He has found out where I live also. Whatever. If he comes close to Stephanie he will be arrested. That is court ordered. The best thing I can do is let it all go and move forward from here. Isn't it sad though? I loved this man for 17 years. I put up with his lies and cheating (not cheating with other women, just being dishonest) for way too long. I realize now that he never really deserved me. We did have some good years, I don't want to take away from that. But in the end the innocent ones (me and my daughter) suffer because of him. Sorry folks. I don't usually have negative posts on here but I just felt the need to vent. You guys that have followed me for years know how much I loved him and my grandkids. It is sad that kids have to be drug through such ignorance. But that is out of my control. I will always be there for my stepdaughters and their families because I love them all. There are no telling what lies have been told to them to change their minds about me. But I can't worry about that.


fernvalley01 said...

if what they know of you can be colored by his lies,I am soo sorry, I suspect though after some of the hurt has passed the loved that you shared with them will be strong enough to overcome

Amy said...

I'm pretty sure that since they are adults, they can see what the truth of the situation really is.

You may not hear form the girls for a while, but once they get over the initial hurt and shock, they will realize that you are the same wonderful person, they know and love.


Syd said...

I am really sorry. I know from reading you for several years that you loved Joe and the kids more than anything. I hope that there will be a good outcome to all of this and you will see your Abby again soon. Hang in there.

Peruby said...

It is none of my business but I wonder if there were a medical reason for the change in your former husband's personality. Sometimes a mini stroke can trigger such changes.

I don't know how stable he was before you split up, and I am so sorry for the way things turned out for you.

I have four sisters and three brothers and have watched them struggle with marriage and relationships. It is so tragic.

I wish you all the best and I hope that by some miracle you can see Abby and Leah again.

Chris H said...

Hopefully your step-daughters have minds of their own and can make their way back to you one day.