Friday, November 4, 2011

TGIF! and Daddy's Birthday!

My wonderful father's birthday is today. Don't ask me how old he would be because I'm not sure. Actually I think he would be 89, I'm sure that So will correct me if I am wrong on that item. I miss him terribly as his death was the one that really hit me hard during that 6 months in 1999 when we lost our stepmother Linda, Mom and then Dad. How I ever got through that time only God knows.

My new furniture is finally being delivered tomorrow! Can I get an amen? It's only been a FULL 8 WEEKS since I ordered it. I can't wait to finally have the living room as an actual room and not just a place for things that I haven't put where they belong yet. The den is furnished but I just can't get comfy on that furniture. It sure will make a wonderful play room for my new grandbaby though!

Speaking of my new grandbaby I just can't wait until that little whippersnapper is born and I can get my hands on him/her. Steph has been having some morning sickness lately which is a real bummer. I thought that was supposed to be in the first trimester but what do I know? I was lucky and never had it. She is doing ok though and understands that it is just part of a baby in the oven.

Work continues to be steady which is good. Things have been getting a little smoother in my private life but I do have days/nights that I can't help thinking about things. I try to not dwell on that and look toward the future. After all, I am only hurting myself if I don't.

My X-brother in law passed away on Tuesday. He has been sick for a long time with heart problems and honestly I think he lived a lot longer than anyone expected. Joe found him after he had passed away which had to be a most traumatic thing. I can't imagine what that was like. It seems he had passed several hours before he was found. But he did get to see his beloved St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series and I know that made him happy. I can only hope and pray that he is at peace now.

I should have internet at home this Sunday. YEA!!! I have missed it a great deal. My desktop computer is fried as far as internet access and I am thinking of just going completely wireless. I already have a laptop and I was looking online at prices and I think they are as cheap or maybe cheaper than a desktop. What do yall think? I love the fact that I could be anywhere around the house and access the internet in a moment's notice. I just think that is pretty dadgum cool!


Amy said...

Not sure is this is an option for you or not??? But we have AT&T cell phones and I pay an additinal $15 a month so that my daughter can hook her lap-top up to her smart phone and use the internet via the phone's internet connection.

It was much cheaper than paying for a WiFi connection for her to use while doing her college work.

Syd said...

I am glad that you are remembering your father. I dobthe same with mine.
Do go wireless and get a laptop. The MacBook is awesome!