Monday, April 23, 2012

Such a doll!

1 week old 004

Aw yes. Pattykins does not know what to think about this precious bundle of joy. She gets so silly when we show Cameron to her. I am sure that she is confused. After all, she has been guarding him while Steph was pregnant forever. Anytime anyone would try and rub on her stomach or talk to Cameron before he was born she would literally put herself between whoever was doing it and Steph's stomach. Such cuteness!

The weekend was good, Cameron is a typical newborn and keeping his momma up a lot. But considering he is only a little over a week old he is doing well. He really enjoyed his bath last night. I'm sure the warm water felt good. We've had a bit of a cool snap in my neck of the woods the past few days.

His daddy managed to get the yard mowed yesterday. It was driving him crazy so he borrowed the neighbor's push mower. I have found a mower that I might buy, just waiting on the guy to let me know it is ready and then I will go and check it out. I hated the new one I bought so I took it back and got my money back. If nothing else I will splurge and get the one that I want.

Meanwhile work continues to be busy which is good. I have said it many times, I would much rather be busy than have nothing to do. I would give anything for some vacation time now to be home with my grandson but I'll have to wait. I have used all of my vacation time to have various medical items completed for me. It'll be nice to finally have some time to just relax and not have tons of stuff to do.

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Syd said...

Glad that all is going well. Congratulations on the grand baby!