Friday, March 2, 2012


Tomorrow is my daughter's baby shower. Is it going to be fun or what? I know you guys out there are yawning and thinking 'big deal'. But for a soon to be new Grandma I say fun fun fun!!! It is an exciting time in our lives. So much crap (that is putting it nicely) happened last year I am SO ready for a new start. I may not ever see my grandaughters again (that makes me so sad) but that decision is not up to me but up to their parents. So with that said my grandson will be my world.

We expect about 20-25 ppl at the shower not including myself, Steph and her precious cargo. The Carne arsadas are made, all of the food (including the perfect cake) is made and all ready to go.

There will be mucho pictures take tomorrow. Whoo Hoo!!!

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Syd said...

I am sure that it will be a great time. Enjoy! You have a lot to be excited about!