Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Clean Bill of Health!!

I saw my wonderful kidney doctor yesterday and he gave me wonderful news. My levels are back to normal and things are great. My BP was a bit on the high side but that might be because I was expecting the worst of news from him. That is what I do. When something is about to possibly be bad I tend to think the worst. Then, if and when I find out it is good news I feel so much better! Call it silly but it's just how I roll.

I am going to start learning to drive a forklift and working in the warehouse a few days per week. It is a needed item in order to keep my job and let's face it folks.....the more you know the more valuable you are to your company. I just hope that I can physically do it. On a positive note I go back to have shots in my back for the bulging disk next Wednesday so I am hopeful that this time it will ease the pain longer than the 10 or so days it did last time. I had to miss my last appt due to still being in the hospital so the pain has really been a bitch to deal with. But since I have my new recliner I can at least get some pain relief from the built in heating pad and vibrator. Don't you dare laugh about me having a vibrator. It's not what you think.....hee hee.

Stephanie and Cameron (my soon to be here grandson) are doing fabulous! She has been eating very healthy and it is showing. The girl doesn't even look pregnant from the back at all. She doesn't even waddle yet. Of course the fat lady hasn't sung yet so the rest is yet to be determined. But the main thing is that they are both doing very very well. I don't think I could ask for more than that.

As I posted the other day, she and her friends took tons of pictures of her baby shower but she has yet to put them on her facebook. She has been sleeping a lot. A WHOLE lot. The girl was asleep when I got home yesterday about 5pm and she didn't wake up until about 7 or so. I left her alone so she could get the rest that she and Cameron need. She will make up for it today with lots of housework. Which reminds me, I need to call her butt and see how that is going.

It's a rainy day in West Kentucky today. A good sleeping day. Sophie refused to go out to pee when we first got up this morning. I can't say I blame her since it was pouring. But after I had my shower and was dressed for work I noticed a lull in the rain so I made her go out and pee. Then she got her meds and went back to bed. Can't say I blame her.

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Leann said...

It is wonderful to hear good news!! I hope you love being a grandma. I don't know if you are one as of yet, if not, the joy will overwhelm you. Hope all is well in your world.