Friday, February 17, 2012

A Very Productive Day

Indeed it was. Stephanie went to a local 'discount' furniture for a crib, baby mattress and a new bed for my guest room. We found just what we both loved including a really cool wrought iron frame (headboard and foot board). The problem was that the salesman that helped us was a condescending ass. Now I have to tell you that I have mellowed out since my 20's when my brother used to say that I could clear the Astrodome in Houston. Or the time when a guy cut me off on West Alabama St (I think it was that street)and I chased him in my Toronto hanging out of the drivers window and being quite the potty mouth. But I have to say that even at 54yrs old don't treat me that way.

I did try to be nice and patient and talk in a nice but firm voice. It didn't work so I told him that the 'deal' he had given me of $1100 was too much. I offered him $1000 and he said he couldn't go any lower. I asked to talk to his boss who was conveniently in a meeting. Oh yea right. I told the arrogant salesman that I thought it was pretty sad that his boss wouldn't take the time to speak directly to a customer who was ready to make a rather large purchase. So I did what any decent person would do............turned on my heel and marched out of the door.

Next stop was Walmart where we found almost the identical crib and a good Sealy baby mattress for a LOT less. In fact at least $150 less. HA HA HA HA!!!!!!! It wouldn't fit in the Camry so we ran home, switched vehicles to my neato truck and brought it home. It took everything in me to NOT drive to the furniture place, call the salesman out and say "nah nah na nah nah"!!!!!!

Oh yes my friends...........the girl still has it.


Scott W said...

I often commented your ire could clear the Astrodome!

That brown Torino was too big and too ugly!

Stephanie Lee said...

Wow my family is so crazy!!!!!!