Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I gave it my best shot

going to the furniture place again that is. I called and asked for the same person that I dealt with the other day. I told him on the phone that I was still interested in the bed and the wrought iron frame. I was very polite and asked him to get a price together and call me back. Hours went by and I didn't hear from him so Steph and I got into the car and drove there. He finally waited on us (he was busy with other customers) and told me that the best he could do was what was posted as the regular price on the items. HUH? Are you serious? I honestly couldn't believe it. When I asked him why he couldn't do more to please a customer he got his back up and said that was all he could do. Naturally when I asked again to talk to his boss he was not there. I asked to talk to him on the phone and the salesperson refused. By then there were several pending customers waiting for him to wait on him right by us. I asked him why he couldn't do anything better for a person willing to pay cash for a bed. He said that was all he could do. I told the customers "see, he won't work with you folks". I again turned on my heel and marched out. Meanwhile a good friend was on his way to meet us there. I wanted to know what kind of 'deal' a man would get on the same items. The man gave him a price a little less and then commented that he thought there was a woman in the parking lot discouraging folks to buy from him. He was threatening to call the police. HUH?? What the heck????

Needless to say it'll be a cold day in Hell before I go back there. I will find a bed somewhere else.

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dAAve said...

It's almost baseball season.