Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

I visited my parents graves yesterday. I put a flag on my dad's and thanked him for his service to our country. I talked to him and to Mom, along with my aunt and uncle and grandparents who are also buried there. I shed many tears and even after almost 13 yrs the pain never goes away. It gets better but it still hurts to not have them here with me.

My dad was a medic on the front line of WWII and never wanted to talk about the war. I was always curious but once he told me "I don't want to talk about seeing my best friends blown up beside me" I quickly stopped asking about it and never mentioned it again. There is no telling what he saw. There is no telling what all of them saw and continue to see now overseas. I shutter to think of it.

After that Steph, Cameron and I drove past our old house. OMG, the yard looked horrible. There were weeds growing in the yard like I never saw when I lived there. The pond is in horrid condition and the wonderful pastures were overgrown to the point that if I were standing in them you wouldn't be able to see me. I was so disappointed. It's not like the guy who bought the house can't afford to hire someone to take care of these things. He is a local dentist who does quite well. I don't understand it. I told Steph that I wished we hadn't even gone by there. She agreed. I wanted to pull all the way into the driveway but didn't go past the entrance by the pond.

We came on back to the house after that and settled in for the evening. We had a nice 3 day weekend together. After all, that is truly what matters. Family being together.

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