Friday, June 1, 2012

Good things happening!

There are some very special things happening in my life right now. I want to get into details but now is not the time. I will only say that it totally fulfills my life now.

Cameron is growing so fast! Steph had to change his formula recently due to spitting up too much. Now I am stuck with 2 cans of the original formula and it apparently can't be even exchanged due to the fact that formula is on WIC. I paid for this out of my pocket and for those of you that it has been a while formula has NOT gone down in price. Hopefully Steph can exchange it at the Health Dept next week.

I am on the hunt for another lawnmower. I don't like the one I bought recently. Plus the brakes don't work so that is a large bummer. Since Matt isn't here to fix them I am hoping to find a good used one in town. Geez, I must be hard to please because this is the 2nd lawnmower I have bought and didn't like either one of them! I'm sure it will work out though.

I have been going to the chiropractor for this stinking back of mine and so far all it does is relax me. It has not relieved the pain at all. ****sigh****

But as my life continues to get better every day I am not going to complain. I choose to look on the positive side. Now, if I could just win that lottery things would be really good!

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