Wednesday, May 2, 2012

He was crying

Cameron that is. His mommy and daddy were so tired that they moved into the guest room sometime during the night. When I let the girls out this morning I heard him starting to get restless so I hurried up and got ready for work and scooped him up. He needed a butt change and was a tad bit hungry. I think he mostly wanted that dirty diaper off. Can't say that I blame him.

After that all he wanted to do was go back to sleep so I was glad to oblige. He was sleeping soundly when I left for work. Naturally he has his days and nights mixed up as all newborns do. It is tough on Steph but she is doing ok. I was glad to be able to give her a couple more hours sleep this morning. Goodness knows she needs it!

My son got a job! Bless his heart, he has been looking and looking and has had no luck. It is a part time only but he is looking for another part time too. Jobs are very scarce around these parts so anyone who is employed count your blessings. I know I do. I am very proud of him though. He has continued to be sober for months now even though his own father has been around him the past few days (he has fallen off of the wagon). Ryan finally told his dad that he had to leave his apartment. He was afraid he would either get into a fight or be too tempted to drink in order to deal with his dad. Pretty sad situation when a parent is at their kid's house and acting that way. I was proud that Ryan stood up to his dad and told him he wouldn't allow him to talk to him that way in his own house. Then he made him leave just like I made him (his father) leave my house last Saturday. I won't put up with that behavior and Ryan won't either.

It is hump day and that makes me happy. Plus this Saturday is the Kentucky Derby! I never miss watching the Derby. Looking forward to the weekend!


fernvalley01 said...

WHat a lucky little fella to have his doting Grandma right there! And Steph too, that girl is gonna need all the sleep she can find

Leann said...

Your son should be very proud of himself. Congrats on the grandbaby :-)