Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday morning

We finally got our computer fixed. It needed yet another hard drive. Thank goodness the old one was still under warranty. It's amazing how much something can be missed by the entire family when it isn't working.

I haven't been doing much lately except working and sleeping, or that is what it feels like. I am so ready for retirement. I think. But, it isn't a possibility for a long time for me. That is probably a good thing, I just can't seem to convince myself that!

I haven't heard from my son in almost 2 weeks. All I know is that he doesn't have a job or a place to live. His 29th birthday was this past Friday and it was the first time in 29 years I have not talked to him on that day. It was a sad day for me. His Granny called me at work to ask if I had heard from him since no one else has. I was sad to tell her that I had not. I have no idea where he is but I do pray for him. It is all I can do.

Joe is out hunting as I type this. It is nice that he can just drive down the road to some of the best whitetail deer hunting in the entire county. Or at least that is what I'm told. He doesn't necessarily want to kill a deer, just the act of hunting itself is something that he has loved for a long time. We have 2 trophy bucks on our wall in the living room so he isn't still "looking for the big one" as so many other hunters are. We don't care for the gamy meat either (except deer sausage which is yummy) so there is no way he will come home with anything bloody.

We are hoping to be able to visit via webcam with our Ohio grandkids today. We have really missed that since the computer has been broken. That is if I can figure out how to make the camera work!


Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

I'm glad you're back in the net world. I hope Joe has a good day and the weather is good.


Peruby said...

Sending my wishes for less stress in the computer world, good news from your son and a happy time with the webcam.

Scott W said...

We love our computers.

Syd said...

Just stopped by to say Hello. I am glad that your computer is up and running. I wish the best for Ryan. Take care.