Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hillbilly:The Real Story

Have you guys seen this documentary? Hillbilly:The Real Story is on the History Channel right now. It is narrated by Billy Ray Cyrus and it is worth watching. I found it very interesting the first time I watched it and every time since.

I love the History Channel. There are so many fascinating things that come on. It seems that just about every time this particular show is on I am glued to it. It's kind of like the movie Titanic or The Notebook. Every time I see either movie on TV I have to watch some of it, if not the entire thing. Why, just last weekend I watched Titanic again for about the 20th time (maybe more!).

I have enjoyed this long weekend more than you will ever know. I am wondering if this is what it's like to enjoy retirement. I guess I'll find out in about 14 years......UGH. I think I will be ready for it well before I reach retirement age. At least I have a job, and one that I enjoy. I am thankful for that.

My mouth is slowly but surely healing. I am going to the dentist tomorrow after work to have the stitches removed. I am anxious to see how they are healing. I can tell they are doing better. I am however still being careful of what I eat and always doing the warm salt water rinse every time after I eat.

A friend if Steph's is coming over again today to ride Jones. They got the bugs worked out of her a couple of weeks ago but another ride will do her well. I guess I'd best get out of my gown and robe and actually put some clothes on before he gets here. It's the hillbilly thing to do.


Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Yep, I saw it several months ago. It's my people. I had an uncle and aunt who lived in Possum Hollow outside of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. They said they farther back up the hollow you went, the rougher the people got and they lived in the last house.

Glad you're enjoying your time off.


baystatebrumby said...

Isn't it so cool when you find a good show and settle into it? It's nice that for every bad show on TV, there is probably a documentary that truly rocks.

Scott W said...

Paducah, halfway between Possum Trot and Monkey's Eyebrow!

Trailboss said...

That's right! You can still buy the tee shirts at the airport (I think) and I'm sure at stores around these parts.

Phoebe said...

I never heard about it. I am not into television lately. Will try watching it when I have the time. I think it's a very good show to watch! :)

Syd said...

Retirement is a great thing. I can tell you that I am loving it!

Rising Rainbow said...

I haven't come across it yet. Will have to look harder, I guess. Sounds very interesting.

Glad to hear you are healing well. Lindsay had some dental work done about the same time and she's glad to be getting to the other side of it.