Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Big ole' fish!

My almost brother-in-law caught a whopper bass in our pond last week.



It ended up measuring about 22". Joe let him take it home for dinner that night. More than likely it was one of the first babies from when the pond was stocked soon after we moved in 6 yrs ago. He caught it as he was reeling in a MUCH smaller bass. The big bass decided the little bass looked like a good snack so it bit and Lynn reeled it onto the bank. He didn't even hook it! Talk about luck.

I have never had bass. I hear it is some mighty fine eating and would love to try it sometimes. That is if I could ever get my husband to actually go fishing in the pond. Some crappie and bass, even some catfish sounds pretty good right about now. Our pond is in desperate need of fishing out. The catfish are HUGE! We have had such a drought this year it is really low. We might get a bit of rain this week but not near what we need in order to replenish the pond levels. I think I am going to remind my husband that he needs to bring home the "bacon" this week. Even though we have stayed far away from fried foods for the past couple of years some fresh caught fish sounds very yummy.

We bought another golf cart this week. I am so excited! We have an electric one that isn't cutting the mustard. I can't depend on it to run up and down the roads with my camera in hand. I have missed taking pictures and am ready to capture some of the beautiful fall weather around our place. We bought a gas cart and had another seat put on the rear. That way there is plenty of room for when our grandkids are there to go for many many rides. The gentleman we dealt with was such a great and honest guy. I would recommend his place to anyone looking for a good and honest deal. Apparently he charges us less for some items because I kept talking about how the grandkids will need this and the grandkids will need that. He is a grandpa himself so he took special care to really fix us up. I really appreciate that. Now, if I could just get some grandkids to Kansas I'll be a happy camper!


Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Nice fish. Goes to show what greed will do to you.

Bass is delicious.


Syd said...

That is a nice fish.