Friday, October 1, 2010

850th post!

I just noticed that this makes my 850th post. Let's have a party. Just kidding. I do want to share something with you however. Last night was my 3rd night sleeping with my "new best friend" aka CPAP machine. So far it is working great. I have been able to get to sleep with little or no problem and have slept incredibly well.

Last night the girls decided they wanted to join me for some slumber. Sophie has been sleeping with me most every night for a while now but Pattykins has betrayed me in favor of Stephanie.......NOW RUDE! Of course I am kidding. I am happy that Steph has a close bond with Patty. She always longed for that with Annie and Sophie so this time she was sure to spend a lot of time playing with and tending to Patty as she started to grow up. Anyway, Patty didn't know what to think of the CPAP machine. She kept trying to lick my face and the mask as if to say "MOM! Something has attached to your face and I can't get it off!" She finally settled down until I had to get up to use the restroom. I just unplug the hose when I get up and leave it on the bed. The hose continues to blow air out which really confused Pattykins. I must say it was quite amusing.

I am anxious to see what a full night's sleep with no alarm clock will bring. I have slept well and felt rested but I am looking forward to seeing how the weekend sleeps go.

I am so thankful to have been dianosed with sleep apnea. Now, don't get me wrong. I would rather not have to sleep with a machine hooked up to me. I am just grateful that there is treatment for the tiredness I have felt for so long.


Bill said...

I'm glad you are getting better sleep now. How are we going to keep up with you with all this extra energy you'll have?

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Good for you on all fronts.


Syd said...

Congrats on so many posts! Hope you had a good weekend.

Scott W said...

850 already? Wow.