Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thanks Easter Bunny

was what Abby said when Joe handed the Easter basket to her. She was so excited!


She loved shaking the plastic eggs to see which ones had jellybeans in them.




Naturally the dogs were close by. They never want to miss a minute of what is going on.



Papa Joe got right in there to help!


In other words PLAY!



Looks like she is ready for some playing!

The next day Joe had to run into town for a couple of hours so Abby and I hopped on the golf cart. We saw Ryan on our neighbor's four wheeler getting ready to get to work so we drove over for a minute. He really looked good and was happy to see Abby. She acted shy around him but it was really sweet. He loved on her and she softened immediately. He had been working with his dad that morning and was just getting started on "the farm" as he calls it. We were really happy that he continues to work even though he isn't staying with us anymore.

When we got close to the house Abby wanted to throw some rocks in the pond.








She spied some minnows swimming in the shallow end. She told me that she could catch one with her fast fingers!





Needless to say, she didn't catch a thing with her fast fingers. But it was sure funny to watch her. Then I noticed Dakota trying to bend the fence to get into the front pasture.



That was not a good thing so Abby and I hopped back on the golf cart to see what was going on. The horses were hungry. It has been too wet to put a round bale of hay out and he was trying to get to some food! I gave them a couple of square bales and they munched on that.




Abby spied a horseshoe on the hitching post. She had to show it to me of course.



We hung around the house most of the day. After Joe got back home we decided to take Abby out for dinner. Her daddy works at Logan's Roadhouse so we decided to suprise her by eating there. She fell asleep in the car and when she woke up we were there. She was so excited. We sat at a booth where she could see Thomas (her daddy) while he worked in the kitchen. We asked our waiter to tell him that his daughter was there. He searched the crowd and smiled and waved when he spotted her. They exchanged several waves and smiled during dinner. It was honestly priceless. We had a great dinner then took her home.

It is amazing what can happen when you have an idea on a Friday. My idea was that I missed my precious and look what happened. More memories for all of us. How I love my life!


Pony Girl said...

What a sweet post TB! I think your doggies were hanging around hoping there was something in those Easter eggs FOR THEM! ;)
The weather there looks so nice! Looks like you and Abbie had fun outside. That green grass is pretty tempting for the horses right now! I'm assuming you don't have the hotwire. My sister installed the hotwire after she got her first mare because she just bent over and destroyed those wire fences trying to get to the green grass. My Boy is actually very respectful of fences. Even the areas w/out hot wire, I think he still thinks it's there! :)
Happy Easter to you and yours!

Paint Girl said...

Looks like Abby enjoyed that Easter Basket! My dogs would have been right there too!
As PG said Brandy did destroy a couple fences before we put up hotwire, now it's my Paint Fritzy that is damaging the fencing, we are going to turn the sections without hotwire to wood.
Have a wonderful Easter!

Trailboss said...

I have never had a hotwire but it sure wouldn't hurt anything. My gelding is worse then my mare about reaching. JOnes scratches her big butt on the fence though!

fernvalley01 said...

Glad you had such a nice time with your beautiful Abby! Happy Easter!
Glad also that you are able to still see Ryan and my prayers continue for his recovery

Scott W said...

Dang those horses, leaving their shoes all over the place!

hulagirlatheart said...

Were you at Logan's Saturday? We were there around 3-ish. Booth near the bar.

Trailboss said...

Yes Miss Hulagen....but it was about 4:30 when we sat down. We were in the bar area, booth closest to the kitchen.

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Nothing better than to have kids around on Easter.

Great pictures.


Bill said...

I loved this post! What a full day for Abby. Reminds me of the joy of being a child.

Tiffany said...

That looks like a fantastic Easter! Congratulations - you won the Square Foot Gardening book on my blog, Eat at Home! Send me an email at with your info so I can have it sent to you. Thanks for entering!