Monday, April 13, 2009

Tater Day

Here in West Kentucky the first Monday is April is Tater Day. I have actually never been to Tater day but lots of folks flock to Benton, Ky to attend. This year Joe took Stephanie. She bought a hat there for $4. That is about all it is worth in my opinion. I don't really like the hat, or I should say what the Confederate flag represents in some areas. Stephanie doesn't think like that, she is just a redneck and likes how it looks. Just so you all understand that she is not prejudice against anyone, especially blacks. In fact, her Godmother is a black woman. With that said, she had some fun with the pups last week.




Here Sophie, let me help you with that bothersome hat.


Oh man! Now I have to wear it!


NO! I'm not going!




OK, I give up. I'll just sit here while you make me look foolish.


Are we done yet? I feel really silly Sissy.



NO NO NO! Don't' show Dad!


Who ever said that we had the life of Riley? Look at what we have to put up with.


Chef said...

GEESH. How embarrassing. Yup, the things they make us do - they're so silly, those people. (Mama loves those pictures, though - she would.)


Dusty Devoe said...

How cute!

Lou said...

Tator day..I can't even think of a smart remark for that.

Bill said...

It's hard to believe that Tater Day has come & gone again. Where does the time go?

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Oh, I forgot to get any Tater Day gifts. Maybe next year.


Scott W said...

LOL Bill! I was just gonna say it seems like it was just a short time ago it was Tater Day. Now it's here all over again!

Those dogs take on a completely different look with that horrible gimme cap. Who ever heard of redneck boxers?

Paint Girl said...

That is so something I would do! Put a hat on my dogs! I do dress them up for their Santa pix and I made my cat wear a football jersey during football season, is that weird?

dAAve said...

a mighty fine hat