Sunday, October 16, 2011

Moving right along

The fence should be up this week, pending the weather. All of the posts are set and the material has been delivered. It's just a matter of if Mother Nature cooperates or not if they get it completed this week. Meanwhile the girls are making due and continuing to get tangled up in their leads! But at least they are starting to act like this is home. The past few months have been so hard on everyone, including them. At least now they have a constant in their lives. They know where they thebelong and have adjusted well.

I continue to miss internet greatly! I think I am about ready to break down and get it at home. Right now I am sitting at the foot of Broadway overlooking the Ohio River. It is a glorious clear and sunny day with a nice breeze blowing. I was to just able to get some internet service from somewhere down here. I'm not complaining! I wish I had brought my camera to take some pictures of this view. As I look out at the river I see a barge sitting in tow in the distance. I can't tell what is on it but I do know that it is full since it is sitting so low in the water. I am lucky to live where I do. We have so many things available here in Paducah.

I am anxious for Halloween this year. I hope to get some trick or treaters. I love handing out candy and seeing all of the costumes the kids wear. It has been years since I have been able to do that. I am hoping that my Abby and Leah will come see their Grandmother so I can load them up and take their pictures! Nothing would make me happier than that.

Just wanted to say hello to the 3 of you who still ready my blog. Hee hee. I promise I will get better at posting. I really do miss it. Meanwhile take care and remember to smile. It makes life so much better.


fernvalley01 said...

Yes absolutley get internet at home when you can.I always enjoy checking in. I never hget kids to the door for Halloween either as we are way out in the country.Years ago when I worked in a group home I would volunteer to work that evening so I could hand out candy!

Carroll Farm said...

THose dogs will be so excited with their yard when it gets done. How exciting for the grandbaby!

Leann said...

I'll bet the girls will be thrilled! I saw a dog chained to a tree yesterday and it just about broke my heart. Why do people do that? Anyway, glad to hear you are setting in!

Grandbabies.....*sigh* Need I say more :-)

Syd said...

I am glad that you are settled in and life is getting easier. It has been a hard year for you. Stop by when you can.

dAAve said...

Sounds like a nice, peaceful setting in which you're sitting.

I'm glad you're still checking in.
Take life one day at a time. It's much easier that way.

Scott W said...

I wondered why you drove all the way into town, then I remembered you live in Reidland now. Duh.