Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm still alive!

If I don't hurry up and get Internet access at home I am going to go insane! But there are other things to attend to so I will focus on them first. One good thing is that the fence company is finally coming out this week to put my privacy fence up. Thank goodness my girl will have a yard to play in again and get their exercise. I have had to keep them on 40' leads and they keep getting all caught up together. It is just a pain in the butt. Not to mention they are country dogs and still can't figure out where all of these people around us came from and why they are there!

My neighbor's cat used to come over and check things out but now that she knows about the dogs she has decided to visit other neighbors. My girls don't even know what a cat is but they sure have barked at her. I can't wait to let them loose in the new fenced yard and let them get the running that they are used to. There is a huge tree in the backyard with the neatest area underneath it that is cleared out. It's the kind of place that I, as a kid, would have spend hours in. Who knows, I might do that anyway.

My precious daughter is pregnant. I can't remember if I posted about this or not. Let me tell you this..............she is M.O.O.D.Y!!!! But it happens. When a woman is pregnant those stinking hormones are going crazy and sometimes we just can't help it. She is doing her best and I'm sure it will get better soon. The main thing is that precious cargo she is carrying. She is wanting a girl. She asked me what I wanted and I said twins, one boy and one girl. She frowned at me! I said "well, you asked me so I told you!" I got to hear the heartbeat last week. Oh my! I could not get the smile off of my face. Even though it isn't the ideal situation I don't care. I miss all of my grandbabies so much. I did get to see Abby recently. Leah was asleep but Abby was glad to see me. I had a nice conversation with Beth (her mommy) and enjoyed seeing her and her husband.

Our weather has been so wonderful lately. Average highs in the low 80's or high 70's. We are actually having a fall this year. It's about time!

Life is good these days. We are settling into the new house nicely. My new living room furniture should arrive at the end of the month. That gives us plenty of time to get the rest of the boxes out of there and either thrown away or put up. The clutter is driving me insane!

I'll try to post a little more often but since I can only do it from work and on my lunch hour it makes it hard. In the meantime yall be happy and keep a smile on your face!


fernvalley01 said...

glad things are going well, and another grandbaby! yay!

Chris H said...

I hope your dogs get to enjoy their new yard soon, and a new grandbaby to look forward to is so nice!