Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Who ordered the veal cutlet?

Pardon the title of this post. It is an old inside joke between myself and my oldest brother So. It pretty much means 'what the heck is going on and where am I, who am I and all other questions that involve me or my life'.

Things are so insane. Work is kicking in big time (it has been for a while), I still have so many boxes to go through and figure out where they go. The plumbing is fixed but now I need an electrician to do some updates with the system. I need to have the house sprayed for spiders and ants. UGH!

I am still suffering big time from this bulging disk smack in the middle of my spine. I don't know what my doctor is going to do about it. He changed some of my meds which seems to help some but that baby hurts! About the only thing that helps it feel better is a heating pad and being off of my feet. That is pretty impossible these days with so much to do however.

But we are all doing well. Ryan and Stephanie are still busy bees at home sorting out this and that and what not. My den is somewhat cleared out but the living room is another story. How in the world could I accumulate so much stuff? Oh well, it is what it is. I am glad the move is over and we are getting settled into our new house.

Ryan found a shortcut to work yesterday. It cuts about 7 minutes off of my drive time to work. YEA!!!!! Now, instead of taking 35 - 40 minutes to drive from Kansas it looks like it will take me about 5 minutes to get to work. How cool is that?

It is really odd to live back in the city again. Technically we are in the county but we're so close to everything!

I am so grateful for everything that The Lord has blessed me and my family with. I am really a lucky girl.


fernvalley01 said...

glad things are coming together for you

Scott W said...

All sounds good, except for the bulge. :-(