Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I feel like someone made me run 100 miles

OMG! We are finally in the new house. It took F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to finally get everything loaded, unloaded and into the house.

But I am glad it is over. Last night my babies slept with me. Pattykins is weirded out by the new house. There's no telling what her sniffer is picking up. The house was built in 1947 but I really like it. Even my daughter admitted on her facebook that she likes the house. She hasn't told me anything yet! Unless she told me last night in which case I wouldn't remember because my 53 yr old body is soooooooooooooo tired. My eyes are aching. I should have brought my glasses to work but I didn't think about it. Imagine that.

I had my new Sleep Number bed delivered to the house yesterday. So far so good I think. I slept so hard who knows if it is better or not. Pattykins didn't complain!

I am so grateful to be blessed. I have put all of my faith in God and as usual He has taken care of me and my loved ones. Joe and I are both being very fair about the divorce and the property agreement. Neither one of us wanted it to get ugly. It is so much easier to be nice than to be the opposite.

My living room has about 1000 boxes in it. The den has its fair share of boxes as well. But everything is there and the move is over. I am about 5 miles from work which is a lot better than 22 miles from work. I could even go home and eat if I wanted to.

I took my lunch break early today to get the UHaul back. I drove that sucker. I was trying to get someone from work to help me but we are just too busy so I took the bull by the horns and did it myself. I have to say that I did a good job too. I had to stop by the gas station and fill it back to where it was when I rented it and I didn't have any problems at all.

Ryan and Stephanie are busy bees at home locating and unpacking boxes. The Direct TV person will be there any minute to take care of the transfer of service. Good thing too. Survivor comes on tonight! I'm sorry people, but some reality shows I like that Survivor is my all time favorite. Ok, stop rolling your eyes! I know who you are.

I am looking forward to the weekend and maybe I can get caught up on my sleep. I doubt it though. I imagine I will be working my tail off to get things unpacked and in some kind of order. The movers packed 12 boxes of my clothes. Me thinks it's time to start a Goodwill box (or shall I say boxes?)!


Callie said...

Lots of happy wishes for you in your new home! Hope you get some rest so you can enjoy the unpacking process. I never seem to label boxes correctly so each box is a surprise package. Smile! Have fun!

Syd said...

Yay, glad that the move is over and all is well. Twelve boxes of clothes? Okay, you still are working so you need all of those. Have fun going through the boxes.

dusty devoe said...

Hope you can relax a bit while unpacking.

Scott W said...

I have 12 boxes of shoes alone!

Glad you made it through.