Saturday, September 18, 2010

We're on the hunt

For a new pup that is! Joe promised me that if we had Pattykins neutered that we would get another puppy within about 2 yrs. Just the other day when I got home from work he and Steph had visited a sweet baby just longing for a new home!



When I saw these pictures I said "let's go!" So we did.


She was so beautiful....and sweet....and gorgeous. And oh, the puppy breath!!!! It was almost too much to bear!

But was not meant to be. Oh there was nothing wrong with her of course. She was pretty and cheap! Only $100...but she wasn't what we were looking for since we want a mahagony fawn with a solid black mask. Like Annie was. It was a bit hard to say goodbye to the sweetness but we did. I was quite proud of myself actually. When it comes to pups they usually just tug on my heart strings so strong that I can't say no. But we want a certain color. We NEED a certain color.


After all.....


Our new pup


She's got some big ole paws to fill



Paint Girl said...

How exciting that you get to get a new pup. I am sure it was hard to say no to that cute little booger. I have a hard time with that too. But you know what you are looking for and you will find it!! Can't wait to see the new addition!

Peruby said...

Oh, I Know I wouldn't be able to walk away. Well.... maybe. After dealing with 4 dogs (one year, now) I am a bit de-sensitized to them.

My boxer has a black muzzle. I have had him for 13 months, now. I found him in August and I actually told folks he was "red". The vet told me he was "fawn". This must be the mahogany you are speaking of.

Never had a dog like him. All dogs I have ever had were rescues, so a purebred rarely got in there. Until him.

Good luck with your searching. Keep the pics coming - kids and pets. Love them.

Syd said...

I am sure that the right baby will come along. Thanks so much for your kind words about Clarabelle. I knew that you would understand. They are only here for a short time and some don't get the full measure of a life. But it was a good one for us and for her during the time we had.

Scott W said...

Those faces!!!

fernvalley01 said...

So what color is the pup you were looking at? She seemed awfully sweet, but good that you are waiting for what you want

Trailboss said...

fernvalley, we are looking for a mahagony fawn female with a solid black mask. Our Annie was that color. That is why we NEED that color!

Jen said...

Those dogs are great...I love them. I ahve been gone awhile...with fall break I'm trying to get back in...into the groove of has been crazy busy...I'm glad you missed me:)