Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This day couldn't get over with soon enough

You know the Tuesday after a holiday weekend and how it usually is a bit busier at work and how things just seem to be "off" because we have lost a work day within the week? And when you take off the Friday before in order to have a nice 4 day weekend filled with love and laughter it almost makes it not worth taking that extra day because you don't know what was done on the day you weren't at work. And then you try and figure out what was or wasn't done that day you took off because the person that did or didn't do on that Friday wasn't in today because they had a dr's appt all day. And how it took 2 hours just to be able to come to the decision that you can't figure out what was done and had to do it completely over again.

That was part of my day today. The other part was that a woman not paying attention at an intersection by pulling way out into the turn lane. Same woman sat still while her light turned red while a certain person (me) waited at the green light to see if this certain woman was going to turn or not and when she didn't move decided to go ahead and make her left turn when all the while this certain woman decided to go ahead and turn left with a red light and somehow just didn't see the blue Camry turning directly in front of her. And how this same certain woman ran smack into the blue Camry's rear drivers side door. And how when we pulled over on the side of the road she told me that she had to catch a flight out of Nashville. Imagine her surprise when the owner of the blue Camry quipped to her "you just ran into my vehicle and I am calling the police, you aren't going anywhere."

That was part of my day today. After the police officer came and took his report, certain woman and the owner of the blue Camry exchanged information we were finally able to be on our way to work. When the owner of the blue Camry arrived at work (only 8 minutes late...it pays to leave a bit early) the air conditioner was not working AT ALL. It was 85 degrees in the office. The window unit wasn't working correctly either but was not noticed until after the heating and air guy left after determining the A/C unit was frozen up and would be back in 2-3 hours. And how the owner of the blue Camry worked all day in an office that just kept getting hotter and hotter. When the temperature in the office reached 93 the owner of the blue Camry called her boss and said "it is 93 degrees in my office. If something isn't done I am leaving." And how within 5 minutes her boss and the heating and air guy was suddenly there and checking out the unit again. And how the office finally started cooling off to a bone chilling 90 degrees when the owner of the blue Camry left early for a most annoying dr's appt.

That was my day today. I am grateful that no one was hurt and that there wasn't any more damage to my vehicle then there was. So many people are hurt or killed every day in traffic accidents so I was very lucky. But I guess the thing that just gets my goat is that this woman was so careless and "frazzled" as she said to myself and the police officer that she wasn't even able to pay attention to a vehicle directly in front of hers. It was such an unnecessary thing to happen. In fact, dare I say it was a stupid and careless act of just plain not paying attention. So, because this woman was so "frazzled" I will have to get estimates for my vehicle, take time out of my already busy schedule to have my vehicle repaired, not to mention I will need a rental car to get back and forth to work while the car is in the shop. It is all just such a waste of time and energy. Stupid really. Just plain stupid. But....it happened and there isn't a thing I can do about it now. But you can bet that if I find myself in that position again I will either wait until the idiot who has no business driving to stop their reckless behavior or I will be ready to blow my horn to loud it will make the driver wet their pants.

Sometimes I wish we still rode horses and drove wagons to get around. At least horses have more sense than this woman did.


fernvalley01 said...

So sorry you had such a rotten day!

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Tough day. I agree with your last comment. My dream life is to live somewhere that I could walk or ride my horse to do all my activities.


Syd said...

I'm sorry about your car. I am with you on going back to horse and buggy days. I think that we may come to something much different from what we currently drive in the not too distant future.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

So much stupid driving and inattention around this area. Our crews at work have almost been run over several times by people on the phone or diddling with the radio.