Monday, August 16, 2010

It has been to long!

Since I have done this


and this


Not to mention this


and this


and don't EVEN get me started on this


What is a grandmother to do? I am tempted to kidnap the whole lot of them and bring the all to the country where they belong. At least in my opinion. Of course no one asked me for my opinion. That has rarely stopped me however. Some things are just never learned. Actually I have improved on that as the years go by. But not by much!

It seems like I read somewhere that grandparents have the right to snatch up their grandkids and just take them home with them. Don't you guys agree? I know I didn't dream that and I would never ever make up such a thing. Isn't this a law? Surely some elected official somewhere has done SOMETHING about this horrible dilemma I find myself in.

If anyone out there in blogland knows what I can do PLEASE let me know! I am missing my sweet grandbabies so very much. I cry myself to sleep every night. Really, I do. I promise, and never mind that my fingers and toes are crossed when I promise that. Heck fire, I'll even pinky promise. Anything to get my babies where they belong!!!!!!


Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Unfortunately, giving our kids wings to fly and live their own lives means they take their kids with them.

All you can do is wear funny hats with Joe.


Trailboss said...

So very true Dan.

Peruby said...

My sisters would agree about the "getting the grandkids whenever you want". They are the only grandparents in the family right now. One day, I am sure that I will feel the same way.

I am sorry for your yearning. I hope it dissipates soon and you get that time you so much deserve and need.

Syd said...

Maybe the law will go easy on you for snatching up the grandbabies. Glad that you are back posting.

Karen said...

It's good to hear from you, TB! And good to see pictures of all those beautiful grandkids. My heartstrings are being tugged, just thinking about another one of my kids graduating. You mean, when the kids are gone, it's not over? Then I get to look forward to missing my grandkids? Oi vey.

Her Big Sad said...

Oh they are so cute..... If you need someone to drive the getaway care, I could be persuaded! Plus I'd get to play with your big puppies too.... Too much fun! :)

Bill said...

Hey, a picture of Joe & he doesn't have his arms thrown wide open? What's this world coming to?