Saturday, August 21, 2010

Halloween a LONG time ago!

So recently scanned some old Polaroids from 1978 or 79 of me and a friend taken after we got all dressed up for Halloween. He and I actually made the headdress's ourselves!


I am in red and my friend Mark is in the blue.



Talk about blast from the past!


Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Wow, that is Spooky. Do you still have the hair? ;)


Trailboss said...

I don't know what happened to the headdress. I imagine that it was torn to pieces when we removed it. And removing the bald things was horrible! But we had fun that night.

Paint Girl said...

What a fun costume! We still try to dress up for Halloween every year. I always have a hard time picking out a costume!

Bill said...

I think you should do a reprise this year. Abby would be stunned.

I've been working on my mom's diary blog recently, and found out that I picked out a Casper the Friendly Ghost costume in 1964. I don't remember it, but I don't think it took me long to figure out that those plastic face masks aren't much fun after about five minutes.

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing them!

Scott W said...

My, how we change!

Syd said...

You are gorgeous. In fact, both of you are stunning.

Trailboss said...

We actually got the idea out of a picture in my roommate's Hustler magazine. I swear, I only read the articles.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Awesome. Now, those are some feathers! And red, too. Look at you, girl!